Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Why Being Frugal is "In" Again!

I saw this article containing the above picture and I had to laugh. Prices are going so high on almost everything, that Americans are having to (gasp!) budget and use those ghastly things called coupons! Imagine!
By the way, can you believe those figures for the average weekly spending? Wow!

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Mama Said said...

I know. Isn't it terrible that people are going to have to "act their wage"? If they had done that to begin with, we would not be experiencing so much inflation right now and the housing market wouldn't be having some issues.

If I spent that much every week on groceries, I would probably just puke at the checkout. Hillbilly Housewife used to have a link to those figures that break it down even more and you can see where your family ranks.

How people handle their money just amazes me! I think I listen to Dave Ramsey so much that I forget that I'm not normal! LOL!