Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Watchmen Wednesday

For Watchmen Wednesday, I'd like to discuss a recent happening in Israel. I know a lot of people might already know about this, but some of you may not have heard yet.

To give a little background, there is something called the "Law of Return" that says that if a Jewish person (including persons with a Jewish mother or grandmother, a Jewish spouse, or a convert to Judaism) wants to move to Israel, then he or she must be granted citizenship. However in 1989, the Supreme Court of Israel decided that Messianic Jews are no longer considered Jews, and therefore were not entitled to citizenship under the Law of Return. This has been the case for almost two decades, with exceptions here and there.

However a few weeks ago, a major decision was made by the Israeli High Court of Justice which may not only set a precedent for future cases but may also open the door for Messianic Jews trying to immigrate to Israel. The decision that was handed down allows for Messianic Jews who have a Jewish father to be granted citizenship in Israel. It is the hope of many that this decision will open the door even wider for Messianic Jews desiring to make Israel their home.

Why the father? I'll share what a rabbi told me. If this is incorrect, please let me know, but this is simply what I was told. The rabbi said that if you are Messianic Jewish and you have a Jewish mother, then you should know better than to believe in Yeshua (Jesus). However, if you have a Jewish father and not a Jewish mother, then you can't be expected to "know any better" because you were probably raised to believe whatever your mother believes.

As we pray for Israel today, let's remember to pray for the Israeli judicial system. Pray that God opens eyes and that the decisions will be guided by Him alone. Also pray for the Israeli Messianic Jews themselves. Just as this was a victory for Messianic Judaism, they are also facing persecution such as this.

As Yeshua himself said, "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done...On earth as it is in Heaven!"

Thanks to Messianic Musings for even further clarification!

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