Saturday, April 12, 2008

CVS: Benefiber, Nexxus, Diapers

1. This is the best deal I've seen so far for CVS this week (4/13-4/19):
Buy 2 Benefiber (also Maalox, Gas-X, Ex-Lax, and Perdiem) Get $10 ECB's
(Prices starting at $4.99)

*Make sure to buy a newspaper tomorrow (4/13) to get the $2 off coupons for the Benefiber! There were also some on the Benefiber, Maalox, and Gas-X in the 3/16 inserts as well.

Here's a deal idea:
Buy 2 Benefibers at $6.79 each (get one chewable) for a total of $13.58
Use (1) $2.00 off Benefiber coupon
Use(1) $2.00 off Benefiber Chewable coupon
Pay $9.58 for $10.00 in Extra Care Bucks Back
Make $0.42 profit in Extra Care Bucks!

2. Another great deal for those of you that like Nexxus hair care products:
Buy $20 worth of Nexxus, get $10 ECB's back.
(Shampoo, conditioner, styler 3.3-33.8 oz or assorted Professional Brushes)
If you work some of these in with your deals this week, you can get some really great hair products inexpensively! I personally love the Nexxus line and plan to do this!

3. For those of you that need diapers:
CVS Brand Jumbo pack diapers are BOGO at $8.99 each.
Everytime I go in the store I scan my card at the card scanner and receive a $3/$10 for any CVS Brand purchase.
Deal idea:
Buy 2 packs of CVS Supreme diapers (26 ct.) for $8.99 each. ($17.98)
Use $3/$10 coupon - $3
BOGO - $8.99
Pay $5.99 for 52 diapers!
Or work this in with the Benefiber deal, and make it even better!

4. Arm and Hammer Laundry Detergent is on Buy One, Get One as well.
They are originally $5.99 each and there are $1 off coupons here and here.
Get both bottles of detergent for $3.99!

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To see how others did last week, see The "Cents"ible Sawyer.
If you're new to CVS, start here.


wendymom said...

Oh boy! My favorite product in the whole CVS! Thanks for working out the deals. I hope we get the Benefiber coupons- in SW Florida we don't get some of the best coupons you frugal gals get in our inserts.

wendymom said...

I re-read your post( I was so excited about the Benefiber I couldn't see straight!) about the BOGO diapers- another great week to bless the crisis pregnancy center. Thanks Jenny M!

wendymom said...

Boo-hoo! As usual we didn't get the coupons I really wanted in our inserts. They were really bad this week. Oh well, I'll still get the Benefiber, it's still a good deal.

Jennifer said...

Hi! Great Blog!! Love your scenarios!!!