Sunday, April 6, 2008

Free 36-Page Passover Resource!

Many people have been asking me for instructions on how to celebrate the feasts at home, which I hope to do more of on here. For now, I just found out that First Fruits of Zion has prepared a wonderful resource (in PDF format) that you can download by clicking here and clicking on the box that says "FREE Passover Resource" about half-way down the page. It's great for beginners and not-so-beginners alike!

Keep checking back for more on the festival of Passover, which begins the evening of April 19th this year (and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, which is observed for seven days after Passover). I hope to post my cleaning the leaven out of my house (with pictures!), and some of my favorite Passover recipes! You won't believe the yummy things you can make with matzah!

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KarenM said...

Thanks Jenny M, for offering this link. Good resource! (I receive FFOZ's materials.) This will be our first year celebrating all the feasts, and I'll be encouraged by your posting(s) about your preparations for Pesach. (;