Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Attention Publix Shoppers!

There is a new free magazine at Publix on the coupon stands, as pictured below:
Inside is an offer for "Buy 4 of these products, receive a gift check for $10 back in the mail!" It includes All Bran, Special K, and Mini Wheats cereals (size 10 oz. or larger), as well as some other Special K products. The items must be purchased in one transaction, and you have to send in the receipt, 4 UPC's and the below original form postmarked by 4/20/08. It has also been reported that this deal is showing up at other grocery stores in the Midwest.

My idea is to buy these cereals when they are BOGO (they usually are every other week at Publix) and use four of the 70 cents off coupons that are floating around every where. That will make this a moneymaker (plus free cereal)!

Note: I just found out that the Mini Wheats ($3.99) will be on BOGO on the sale from 4/3-4/9, but I'm not sure if there are any coupons out on those.
If you choose to do the Mini Wheats:
Buy 4 boxes BOGO for $7.98
Get $10 back in the make $2.02 (minus cost of the stamp .41 equals a net of $1.61)!

*For those of you worried that you will forget to send off the rebate form, do what I do: Don't allow yourself to use the product until the rebate form is sent off! It really forces you to do it, I promise!

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wendymom said...

Congratulations on being 'posted' on MSM! What a surprise for me when I was scrolling on down Crystal's page. I'm a proud mama!