Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yay for another GREAT CVS day!

Thank you CVS for giving out ECB's on the Swiffer stuff! I was in desperate need, and have been waiting for this for a month now! Here's what I got today:

1 Dawn Botanical 11 oz. Dish Liquid (not an ECB deal, but on sale and I had a coupon) $0.97

1 Swiffer Dry Cloths Refill 32 ct. $5.99

1 Swiffer Wet Cloths Refill 24 ct. $5.99

1 Gillette Venus Embrace Razor $9.99

1 Crest Pro Health Mouth Rinse (250 ml) $3.49

1 Bag Gold Emblem Peppermint Candy $0.99

Coupons used: 0.25 off Dawn (in 3/2 P&G), FREE CVS candy coupon (printed on scanner when I entered the store), $1/2 Swiffer refills (from 2/10 P&G insert), $4/1 Venus Razor (3/2 insert), $5/$15 CVS coupon (available by signing up here), and $14.95 in ECB's from yesterday's deal.

Total OOP (out-of-pocket): $1.66

Made in ECB's: $14.49

Has anyone else been to CVS this week? I know you have, mom!


Mom said...

WOW! $1.66 for all that and $15 in ECB's back?? You are the CVS queen! I have been to CVS 3 times in two days because there was so much we needed (Tide, Swiffer Wet and Dry, Dawn, new toothbrushes, Tilex, and more Benefiber-I have 4 bottles now!) Got 3 Lypsyl beeswax lip protectors FREE- great stuff! Maxed out on the Colgate toothpaste, using MC thus making $5 on that deal. Add in another free Venus shaver, a Febreze Noticeables and a Febreze candle for just a few bucks as well as 2 bottles of Vitamin C. My goal is to get my cash outflow to under $5. BTW, my last trip got me $35 in ECBs!
Now I'm on to Walgreens with my newspaper coupons going before !

crissie said...

OH my goodness, you're amazing!

Jenny M said...


An easy way to get your cash flow down is to separate your deals into a few transactions. Don't lump everything together, but take the time to figure out what you can get for as close to the amount of ECB's you currently have. Then use those to pay for the next transaction. If you want to do it in one trip, that's fine. I like to do separate trips, just because I have a CVS close to my house and one close to my home. If you do it in one trip just separate the items by transaction, and let the cashier know. I have done this a few times, and if the store is not busy they usually don't mind. However, if there are 10 people waiting behind you, I would suggest doing separate trips (or go to the back of the line for each transaction).

Jenny M said...
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wendymom said...

Yes, I am seeing you must buy in small lots. Those $35 in ECBs aren't doing me much good sitting in my wallet now that I've purchased all I was interested in this week. I will have to find things I need that give ECBs in the next 3 1/2 weeks to use that $35 before it expires.
Also, checkout etiquette is important,customers are quick to show annoyance if you break your purchases into two orders (as happened at Walgreens today). These pharmacies are notorious for only having one register open. I can wait for others if that's what it takes to keep everyone happy!