Monday, March 10, 2008

CVS today!

First Transaction:

2 - Garnier Fructis Shampoos for $2.99 each
2 - St. Ive's Body Lotion for $5.29 each

Coupons used:
$5/$15 purchase, 2 $0.50 off St. Ive's lotion (peelie found on both bottles), and $8.49 in ECB's.

OOP: $1.22
Made in ECB's: $9 (5 for St. Ive's, and 2 each on the Garnier)

Second Transaction:
2 - Colgate Total Toothpastes 4 oz. $2.99 each
3 - Lumene Body Firming Lotion .34 oz $1.99 each
1 - Box of 10 Irish Spring soapbars $5.99
1 - Irish Spring Bodywash 18 oz. $4.99
Coupons used:
$5/$15 purchase, 2 - $1 off Colgate total, and $15.93 in ECB's.
OOP: 13 cents!
Made in ECB's: $16.98
Total OOP for everything in the picture: $1.35
Not bad, especially for things we really need right now!
Update (8:56 PM):
Third Transaction (NOT included in picture):
1 - Charmin UltraStrong 9 rolls $4.99
1 - Oral-B Cross Action Toothbrush $4.49
5 - Life Fitness External Pain Patch $1.89 each
2 - Lumene Body Aktiva Firming Lotion $1.99 each
Coupons used: $5/$15, $1 off Oral-B toothpaste, 0.25 off Charmin, and $15.98 in ECB's.
OOP: $0.68
ECB's made: $18.99 (4 for the Lumene, 4.99 for the Oral-B, and 10 for the Life Fitness)
Ok, that's enough for today I think!

To see more deals and deal ideas for this week at CVS go here.

To learn how to do this go here.
*Thanks again to my awesome husband who took this picture for me!
UPDATE: Thanks to Crystal and Pinching Abe and others who offered help on why my CVS Advisor Panel ECB's weren't printing. I finally got a few e-mails from the CVS Helpdesk yesterday, and when I went during lunch yesterday all $20 ECB's printed! Now I have $38 in ECB's (that's the most I've ever had)...but my little sis (go Beth!) has $61! Thanks ladies!


LibAnn said...

Hi Jenny!

You are a great frugal shopper!!

I have you added to the Messianic Mommas blogroll now. I apologize if I missed an email from you previously. It was not my intention. And thank you!



Anonymous said...

As you said in a text-WOW! So much of what you got today is stuff you need and use.Your hubby must be so proud of you!
I helped my friend today to start her venture into CVSing. She has been skeptical, but now is a true believer. This was her first transaction:
5 Be Fine skin care single packs @ $1.99, get $3 ECBs (each!)
2 Cross Action toothbrushes @ 4.99, get $4.99 ECBs (each!)
1 Alavert 15 ct @ $6.99 get$3 ECBs.
Coupons- $4 off Alavert
$2 off 2 toothbrushes
$5 off $15 CVS Coupon
my friend paid OOP only 15.76 and recieved $28 in ECBs. Whoo-hoo, what a way to start!

Kim said...

Good job!!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

That's awesome! I can't wait until I get invited to fill out a survey. Hopefully soon!!

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Great job and glad you got your ecbs!