Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I love days like this...

Today I made money shopping at CVS, plus I got all the stuff in the picture (plus a Hershey bar and a pack of M&M's for my two cashiers!).
I don't have the receipt for the first transaction, but I know that I spent 54 cents OOP.

Second Transaction:

5 - Befine Food Skin Care single serve packs 0.34 fl oz. for $1.99 each
1 - Tresemme Mousse for $4.29 (I bought 3 Tresemmes in first transaction)
1 - Tresemme Hair Spray for $4.79
1 - Doublemint Twins mints for $0.79 and a bag of M&M's for the cashier $0.79 (needed some fillers)

Paid OOP: 24 cents!
Coupons used: $5/15 and $14.99 in ECB's
ECB's made: $20 (15 for the Befine and 5 for the Tresemme)
So, I made $5 for shopping there today!

Grand total for everything in the picture: 78 cents out-of-my-pocket! Plus, I made 5 ECB's over what I had!

To see more deals and deal ideas for this week at CVS go here.
To learn how to do this go
*Thanks again to my awesome husband who took this picture for me!


Pinching Abe said...

If your ECBs from surveys don't print out, you can call their 1-800 number. You can also contact them at - that is on the bottom of the survey invite, by the way. I have only had this happen once. I called and they added them manually so that they printed out for me. I seem to remember they called me back after they checked into it. Good luck. They should get you them. I just took a survey a few weeks ago that doesn't have them due to print until I believe the 14th. What I do is save the email and forward it back to myself with a note that I got through and copy/paste the end of the survey where it says I got through and when to expect. Hope that helps! Nice haul from CVS!

Pinching Abe said...

Did you try this one: that is email from which the survey originated :)

I used to work for lawyers too, once upon a time. I traded two demanding bosses for two smaller demanding bosses though ;)

Pinching Abe said...

I got my Be Fine too, though I read on a board today that it is no longer working on the 1.99 packs. So you got them just in time!