Thursday, March 13, 2008


Today I was thinking about how much bottled spring water we buy, and if it really would be considered "frugal." We buy and use (for two adults) about 3 gallons of store-brand bottled spring water to drink weekly at 79 cents each, or $2.37 weekly, ($123.24 a year!). Our city (tap) water is ok for using for cooking and making tea and coffee, but we really can't stand the taste for drinking it straight. When I was in college in the same city we currently live in, I had a Brita water pitcher for the refrigerator that I would refill. It didn't taste a whole lot better than drinking straight tap water, and those cartridges do get expensive! So...I need your input! If you have any ideas on saving on water, please let me know!


James and Andrea said...

We're in Alaska and blessed to have good water. However, since right now we're on the city water, I am always sure to filter it. We use a Brita filter too. I don't need to replace it that often (it's kinda hard to tell). It's probably about eight months or so for us. I don't like drinking the floride and the clorine that the city adds. We did live in Lubbock, Texas where the local kids had brown teeth because of drinking the water which came out of the tap orange and smelled like sulfer. Yuck! Friends of ours invested in an osmosis distiller and would fill up milk cartons of the purified water and give it to us. I think if I were living somewhere now where the water was truly terrible, I would probably learn ways to distill and purify the water either naturally or with a system. However, I think that MOST water in MOST cities is really probably okay to drink. You could probably find out what is in your water from the city and make your own choices.

Pinching Abe said...

We have city water here too. Sometimes it smells just like Clorox bleach! But what we do is filter it through our refrigerator (Sears - Kenmore) and it tastes just about like bottled water. Other than that, you could always use your CVS ECB stash on water as you need it, or try to get a rebate form. Lots of beer companies in VA put out rebates on just about anything - water included.