Sunday, March 30, 2008

CVS: Essence of Beauty Products

My mother and I went to 4 CVS stores this morning, and one of our favorite deals of this week was the "Buy 3 Essence of Beauty Products, get 5 ECB's."

This includes the bath products and make-up tools, as well as the body gels and sprays.
Since Essence of Beauty is a CVS trademark name, you can use up some of those $3/$10's you've been receiving!

Here's a scenario for you:
Buy 9 Essence of Beauty tools at 1.99
(there are a few things that are $1.49 if you can find those!)
Use a $5/$15 and then a $3/$10 CVS brand purchase coupon.
Pay: $10
Receive: 15 ECB's!

*This deal is limit 5, so you can buy up to 15 items total this week to receive 25 ECB's.
Edit: I just found out that there are 99 cent toe separators (for pedicures) working on this deal, so that makes it even sweeter!
Also, the gift bags that are on the display with all the body washes/sprays are also working for this deal and they are only $1.49, and include some matching tissue paper inside. Easy to make-up some nice gifts!

Yay for a moneymaker! I love my new gel eye mask ($2.99)!
Plus, my mother had the wonderful idea of pairing some of these items with some of the body washes that are FREE this week, and you have a perfect gift for a friend!
This is supposedly a monthly deal, so it should be good until the last day of April. Am I correct?

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