Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CVS Spring Break!

Wah! A week with no CVSing. Yeah, you heard me. I'm taking the week off. Someone said it's officially CVS Spring Break this week, as there are no good ECB deals. So in honor of our favorite store, I thought I would repost Nichole's "You Might Be Addicted to CVS If...."

-You shop at CVS even in your dreams, every night
-You only carry pocket change to shop at CVS.
-When you are checking out with a cart full of stuff & have to pay *gasp!* $5!!!! The cashier was shocked and said, "I've never seen you pay that much. Are you feeling ok?"
-You have 1-800-SHOP-CVS on your cell phone's speed dial. Then press 3, wait for the first sentence of the message, and press 2 and then 4 without waiting. LOL
-When you have enough toothpaste, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, household cleaners, hair color and medication to last 3 years!
-You MAKE lots of money off CVS!
-Your CVS manager at your closest store knows you by name.
-When you check out the cashier cheerfully says "So what coupon do we have for today and lets see how much you end up spending!!!
-You walk thru the store and people ask you where things are cause you look like you know everything!
-The girl at CVS asks your best friend, who you taught how to CVS, "Gosh do those binders really work??? I see several ladies come in with them!" And she responds " Oh yah they do... and thats probably my friends and her sisinlaw!!!!"
-You know what store carries which things and usually when they run out of it during the week!
-You know every CVS on the way home from ANY location!
-You hold your ECB's priceless because you KNOW how much they are worth!!!
-Your husband wants to know when CVS is going out of business.....
And I wanted to add a few...
- When you go to the regular grocery store and have to pay $19, you feel like you've just spent a fortune!
- You're not worried about any natural disaster because you know you have enough medicine, beauty supplies, and toothpaste to last you until 2058.
- Your favorite CVS cashier knows most of your life story! (Mine's Jose!)
- Even the dollar store seems way over-priced!

- When you have a week off of CVS, you spend it planning next week's CVS shopping!

Got any more to add??? Got a good CVS story! Tell me about it! I want to know!!!

*Thanks to Advanced Electric Inc. for the picture of this lonely CVS.


wendymom said...

What a laugh! You are so funny. I actually had a small run on Monday-used 2 ECBs, .48 OOP, and made 2ECBs.
1 .88 Colgate toothbrush-had a $1 cp
2 .97 Softsoaps- had 2 $1 cp
1 .97 3pk Irish Spring with Aloe
2 2.99 Nivea for men shave gel-had 2 $2 cp( these generated the $2 ECB, and it smells great, I'm gonna use it)
1 Crest ProHealth Rinse (thought it was an unadvertised ECB maker,but it didn't, oh well)
I used the manufacturer's coupons and a $5/15, brought it down to 2.48,used $2 ECBs and .48. Got the $2 back (from the Nivea).
I didn't want to miss an opportunity to use a $5/15. We're gonna miss them after March 31!

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Very cute, but soooooo true!! :)

One thing my Momma and I do is gape in horror at folks in the checkout line ahead of us buying TONS of groceries without coupons. What a tragedy!! LOL!

Jenny M said...

Yes...I cringe when I hear this at CVS:
"Do you have a CVS card?"
Ahhhhh! What in the world are these people thinking????

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

:-) Dont ya love us junkies...


Kim said...

I have 38 dove hairsprays in my goodie closet that I got to use $2 off BOGO and ECBs. Paid like $5 for it all. I'm an addict :)