Friday, March 12, 2010

Wonder Kids Bible DVD's for $1 each!

I stumbled upon a great deal and I wanted to share it with other parents, Shabbat/Sunday School teachers, nursery workers, grandparents, etc. 

Dollar Tree Stores have Wonder Kids Bible DVD's for $1 each.  I bought the Esther one and the Moses one, and was amazed when we watched them with my 7 month old for the first time.  They show the Bible stories as a book, with pictures and the words flash up on the screen (so you can read along with it!).  After each little story there is a praise/worship song.  I can't believe the quality in each DVD for $1!  This is a good deal as the DVD's on the website are all around $14.99 (for 3 DVD's).

Check out your local store to see if they have them!

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Lina said...

Hello Jenny! I'm so sorry I never replied to your question about skirts.

I find most of my skirts at Goodwill or Salvation Army. That's the best place to find them because they are so inexpensive!

Also, try Their prices are extremely low. I've ordered two skirts from that site and they are my absolute favorites.

I hope this helps!