Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Earth's Best Organic Baby Food for 40 cents per jar!

Now that my daughter has started solids, I am always looking for good deals on baby food.  Homemade is of course preferable, but it's just not feasible for me to do homemade for every meal.  So I have rules about the jarred baby food I buy:
1) It has to be kosher.
2) It has to be organic.
3) It has to be less than 50 cents per jar.

These rules can make it a challenge at times to find baby food that fits all my criteria, but they are all important to me.  Today I found a great deal at Babies R Us which is good for the next week, and I wanted to share it!

Earth's Best Organic 1st and 2nd foods are on sale at BRU for 10 for $5.00 (must buy 10).
Use $1/7 here (can print 2 coupons)
Get each jar for 40 cents each! 
(I actually had more coupons from a blinkie I found a few weeks ago, so mine were less than 40 cents each.)

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