Thursday, June 12, 2008

Frugal Friday: Giving Thanks

Today I was reflecting on a somewhat odd idea. Who invented scissors? I mean, seriously. Who knows the answer to that? In my seventeen years of formal education, I did not once, that I can remember, learn the name of the person who invented scissors.

Yes, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue, George Washington led our brand-new country, and Dr. Martin Luther King fought for freedom for all. But who invented scissors???? You may wonder why this weird question is on my mind, and why I even care. Well, think for a minute about how many times a week you use scissors, especially if you are a coupon junkie like me! Every time you have a thread hanging on your skirt, get a hair cut, need to open a stubborn package...the list goes on and on! Most of us probably use scissors at least once a day, yet how many of us stop to think of the person who gave us this awesome invention?

There is an idea taught in Judaism that we should bless God for everything. There is a blessing for wearing new clothes, a blessing for seeing a rainbow, a blessing for a taste of the new season's first fruit, a blessing for the new month, a blessing upon awaking, a blessing before eating, a blessing after eating and even a blessing said after using the restroom! Imagine! But think about how our lives would be different if we didn't experience those things? There's even a prayer that says, "Thank You, God, for inspiring us to thank you..."

How does this relate to being frugal? Well, honestly, this is something that I have had the learn the hard way. God has been showing me that when I don't have a thankful heart, I tend to worry and complain and focus on what I don't have rather than the bounty that is sitting right in front of me. Then I end up spending even more money on things I don't really need because of my heart.

When I find that I am getting into this unthankful mode once again, I pray for God to fill my heart with thankfulness. After praying, I MAKE myself give thanks, even when I don't feel like it. Try smiling when you are really mad or's crazy how it can change your insides! We don't always encounter grateful people in our daily lives, but try saying "Thank you" even when you don't feel like it. Many times, a heart of thankfulness will follow. My mom used to always say, "I'm going to CHOOSE to be happy." It's true, the attitudes of our heart is a choice that we alone can make.

Those of you who know me personally know that my husband is working very diligently on remodeling our bathroom. I have complained (if not out loud, inside I sure have!) about how inconvenienced I have been with all the dust flying all over everything having to share a bathroom. I know, I know...I feel awful that I felt that way, especially when I heard my husband's prayer this evening at our dinner table. He praised God in this midst of all of this for our beautiful home and for providing us with a cozy place of our own. As he said those words, my heart overflowed with adoration for our Heavenly Father, as well as for the man of God to whom I am married.

There is a poem that has circulated in e-mails, author unknown, but is so true and I think of this whenever my mind starts wandering toward the ungrateful:

"Thank you God, for all I have to do today.

Thanks God, for this sink of dirty dishes,

It shows we have plenty to eat.

Thanks God, for this pile of dirty, stinky, laundry,

It shows we have plenty of clothes to wear..."

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P.S. I still DON'T know who invented scissors, but I thank God for creating the person and giving him or her the intelligence to do so!

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Anonymous said...
There you go.

BarbaraLee said...

I too have gone through these stages also. Especially when it came to buying this place 4 yrs ago. I prayed that we would sell our home and get this place. 40 acres of wooded/tillable land. The house is small w/a shed in back. Bought for business reasons. B/c of that we had plans to build a new home in the back of the woods. Well it didn't turn our that way. W/the economy the way it is it isn't happening. So I started praying for God to help me love this small house. W/all the work dh did in the basement for more room & comfort I don't want to build any more. We are just remodeling as we go and making it ours. W/the high cost of heating this small house is a big blessing.

OnlyOnSale said...

what would we do without them?!