Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why I Buy Things I Don't "Need"

This week I noticed there was a moneymaker at CVS with the Alavert deal (between the ECB's and the printable coupon). So I decided that although I was not in "need" of some great allergy medicine at the moment, I would get it so I could get something I DID need instead, and try to grow my ECB stash as well.
So on Monday here's what I bought:
1 - Alavert (on sale for $5.99, giving $3 ECB's back)
1 - CVS Brand Tampons 80 ct. (on sale for $2.99, usually $9.49!)
1 - CVS Brand Advanced Healing Flight-Sized Lotion ($1.49)
Coupons used: $2/$10 (only available now if you SAVED a copy), $2 CVS Skin Care Coupon, and $4 off Alavert coupon.
Paid with: $2 ECB's and 47 cents OOP.
Made: $3 ECB's (from Alavert)
Head over to Keeping the Kingdom First for more on the CVS Challenge!

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Alyssa @ Keeping the kingdom first said...

Hi Jenny! Thanks so much for participating in the challenge. I also buy things I don't need--either for the future or for charity.