Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Man

A man -
Thinning hair, trying to cover a scalp burnt by the sun;
A dent where a beam at the fish house came a little too close;
Kind eyes, one blue, one hazel,
Eyes that can penetrate to the soul;
A set jaw, firm against any contrary thing;
A smile that turns up the edges of a salt and peppery beard;
Huge, calloused hands filled with lines and scars and fish scales;
A little bulge on the stomach, evidence that he "doesn't eat any sweets;"
Huge feet, the shoes of whom I loved to clop around in
But never could fill - my Dad.
Dad, they say a mother teaches her children who they are and a father teaches them what to do. You are such a G-dly example for me and the rest of the family, and we love you so much. Today we celebrate how much you mean to us. You have taught us the way to live, G-d's way to live, and that means more than words can say. I love you Daddy!
Have a wonderful birthday!

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Anonymous said...

A MOST BLESSED MAN...HaShem my understanding fails as i ponder Your blessings upon my life. My merit is less than none, yet You have chosen by Your Divine Will to bless me with such a family. Daily the revelation of You grows proprtional to my love and awe of you. My Rabbi says that love and awe are our 2 wings to soar in spiritual experience, may my wings grow that I might behold the awesomeness of Your creation.